For The Hill Of It


Tom Hiddleston is Dreamy

"World domination starts with attention to detail." Yes. Yes, it does.

18 Times That Thor's Tom Hiddleston Was Almost Too Cute To Handle | E! Online

Wow! This hit me out of nowhere! I have a new crush on Tom Hiddleston. He’s adorable!!


Kevin Bacon definitely knows how to make an entrance.

This confirms my long-held belief in the brilliance of Jimmy Fallon.

Jamie Dornan Being Adorable

This is seriously the cutest video. He’s so endearing. I’ve watched it a few times and keep getting more excited for “the movie!”


First, a throwback…

Get ready.

The Jem Movie is happening! Color me excited!!!

Emma Stone Crying Over the Spice Girls | Video

Let me pause my JLaw love with a nod to another of my favorites, Emma Stone! Could she BE any cuter?!?!

Game Week: Nebrasketball (2014)


I can’t believe I had to write a Nebrasketball comic. I really can’t. I have no idea how to write a Nebrasketball comic. There is no Taylor Martinez. There is no Imani Cross. We don’t have round-the-clock access to who these guys are, what they’re like, what they do, etc.

All I know is, I have to…

Inappropriate language that is ohhhh so appropriate! I love this so much!!!

My FAVORITE Veronica Mars scene - it’s epic!

Who leans against a car the best — Logan, Edward, or Jake Ryan? POLL |

I LOVE that this is actually a real poll question. Veronica Mars, Twilight and 80’s hit Sixteen Candles face off in the battle of the best ‘car lean’! So many pop culture loves coming together here! 

Cork Soakers

It’s a good night!