For The Hill Of It


Kristen Bell Is Ready For a Frozen Sequel — and to Play Anna on Broadway

I <3 her a little more with every interview! 


18 Fun Products You Never Knew You Needed

Looks like summer!

And, this is why Emma Stone is one of my all time faves! She and Fallon together, it’s almost too much!

Jem and the Holograms Cast Revealed: Meet the Actresses Behind the Band

When can I start the countdown? Seriously can’t wait!

This might be the BEST Jon Stewart quote EVER! The whole thing is great, but fast forward to the final :15 seconds. It’s brilliant!

Tom Hiddleston is Dreamy

"World domination starts with attention to detail." Yes. Yes, it does.

18 Times That Thor's Tom Hiddleston Was Almost Too Cute To Handle | E! Online

Wow! This hit me out of nowhere! I have a new crush on Tom Hiddleston. He’s adorable!!


Kevin Bacon definitely knows how to make an entrance.

This confirms my long-held belief in the brilliance of Jimmy Fallon.

Jamie Dornan Being Adorable

This is seriously the cutest video. He’s so endearing. I’ve watched it a few times and keep getting more excited for “the movie!”